About Us

Kimono House is owned and managed by Leanne O'Sullivan who first travelled to Japan in 1989 where she lived and worked for the next 5 years. It was during this time she became interested in Japanese textiles and in particular those of the exotic kimono. Leanne would spend most of her spare time visiting textile merchants and exploring temple markets or meeting up with like-minded friends to learn local handicrafts. Whilst living in Japan, Leanne was constantly inspired by the extreme contrasts around her. This interesting mix of the new with the very traditional is her inspiration for textile creations that combine new and vintage fabric, traditional and contemporary design.

Living again in her home of Melbourne, Australia, Leanne now spends up to 2 months a year in Japan. These buying and research trips for Kimono House enable us to provide our customers with a wide variety of hand-selected new and vintage Japanese textiles. Kimono House also has its own label in exclusive fashion accessories currently available at Kimono House in Melbourne's Nicholas Building and other selected outlets.

Leanne teaches traditional and contemporary Japanese handicrafts regularly in her city studio. These classes can also be arranged for in-house visits to schools or textile groups. A visit can also be arranged for a "show and tell" type presentation of Leanne's personal kimono collection.

Kimono House also hosts classes in fashion and patchwork quilting taught by a team of teachers very experienced in their craft. Cultural experiences are also available at our studio or can be arranged for groups at your own venue.

We look forward to your visit and sharing our passion for Japanese textiles and culture. :)