Japanese Textiles & Crafts

Kimono House Japanese Textiles & Craft has been based in the City of Melbourne, Australia since 2004.   We have regular popup shop events & run Japanese craft workshops each season.    Our online store is always open with Japanese textiles and craft supplies including new and vintage fabric, cloth & threads for shibori & sashiko stitching, our range of Japanese craft kits and more. Postage for orders within Australia is a flat-rate of $10.   To visit us please check for our next popup store & class dates in the following pages.

About Us

Kimono House is owned and managed by Leanne O’Sullivan who first travelled to Japan in 1989 where she lived and worked for the next 5 years.

It was during this time she became interested in Japanese textiles and in particular those of the kimono. Leanne would spend most of her spare time visiting textile merchants and exploring temple markets or learning handicrafts with local artisans. Whilst living in Japan, Leanne was constantly inspired by the extreme contrasts…

Kimono House Leanne O’Sullivan