Japanese Craft Workshops

Kimono House teaches a range of stitches and craft workshops to inspire your creative interest.

We offer classes in sashiko, boro and other traditional Japanese crafts including temari and shibori.  Workshops can also be arranged for groups at your own venue.  To book into one of our classes please choose from our current program.

Sashiko – Pattern Transfer Sunday 8 October

Sashiko - Pattern Transfer   This class is suitable for those who have previously completed the Sashiko Beginners class with Kimono House.  Discover a number of […]

Sashiko for Beginners Sunday 8 October

Sashiko for Beginners Join us for a morning class to teach beginners the basics of this very effective traditional Japanese needlework.  A great introductory start to […]

BORO The Japanese Slow Stitch – Saturday 9 December

BORO - The Japanese Slow Stitch The Japanese word boro literally means rags – at one time in Japan when fabric was precious and never discarded, […]

Sashiko Stitching 1-Day Class Sunday 8 October

Sashiko Stitching 1-Day Class A relaxing and enjoyable introduction to sashiko, a traditional Japanese needlework class in Melbourne city. In the morning we cover the basics […]