Japanese Cultural Events

Kimono House facilitates a range of cultural presentations, demonstrations, talks and exhibitions.

Our authentic Japanese experiences have been enjoyed by students and visitors over many years.  Dress in kimono or learn a traditional craft, enjoy an exhibition or presentation of Japanese textiles – we invite you to share our knowledge and expertise.  Our cultural experiences can also be arranged for a group event at your own venue.

BORO Japanese Rag Quilts

BORO Japanese Rag Quilts The Japanese word boro can be translated to “rags” but there is so much more meaning and history hidden within the threads […]

Japanese Tea & Sweet Tasting

Japanese Tea & Sweet Tasting Enjoy a pleasant and informative session discovering Japanese tea. Matcha, genmaicha and mugicha are a few of the different blends offered […]

Traditional Japanese Craft

Traditional Japanese Craft Our classes in traditional stitching and craft are an informative fun way to experience authentic Japanese culture. Learn different skills and techniques in […]

Yukata Dressup

Yukata Dressup Yukata is the casual style of kimono worn in Japan to summer festivals, whilst staying at traditional inns or visits to hot spring baths. […]